Lessons learned in the last two years

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

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As we sail cautiously  into the new world of travel there are many lessons left in the wake of the past two years. This is 10 of them.Travel tips

Survival skills

  1. Keep your passport, CLEAR Entry or Trusted Traveler cards up to date.
  2. Carry your proof of vaccination card with you everywhere.
  3. Make sure your larder is full of essentials such as toilet paper, tissues, water, toothpaste etc.
  4. Always have an extra supply of any medications you take.
  5. Use a travel agent to book and plan tours, cruises and vacations. They can save you money, time and hassles.
  6. Always book airlines and hotels that allow fee-less cancellations (this is where travel agents are also very helpful.
  7. Practice good hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly and often. Pack anti-bacterial sprays or gels in your carry-on bags.
  8. Always cover you mouth when  you cough or sneeze with a tissue or handkerchief.
  9. Avoid crowds if possible. Continuing to wear a mask will help stop the spread of germs. So not a bad to keep those face-coverings handy.
  10. Get a COVID test if you have symptoms or had contact with someone who does. This is vital especially before traveling.

Regarding #5, call a Pavlus agent (800-528-9300) to guide you and help  book and plan your cruises, tours and trips.

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