Resolve to travel more in 2020

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

Tips for hassle-free travel and more

  1. Pack prudently. You really won’t need all those clothes.
  2. Book your trip with a travel agent.  Trying to do it yourself can be daunting. It will take all the angst out of it and get you right the price. Just contact a Pavlus agent.
  3. Get to the airport early to avoid delays, getting through TSA and unforeseeable problems.
  4. Sign up for TSA Preferred Traveler and Global Entry. It was the best $85 I ever spent. You don’t have to remove your shoes, hat, coat or bottles and you usually breeze through the line. You can also sign up for Clear, which costs $179 a year and expedites your trip through TSA.
  5. Do your homework. If you booked a cruise or tour Google the destinations you’ll be visiting. Learning about an area can help you decide what excursions you might want to book. Or if you want to go it alone.
  6. Learn the language when  visiting a foreign country.  It can ease the way. You can learn greetings, how to say ‘thank you’, menu items and more. Go to a site such as Babbel for a free trial.
  7. Make a check list of important items to pack in your carry on such as passport, medications, extra toothbrush, hand wipes, eyeglasses, mobile devices, camera and emergency clothing in case your luggage gets lost.
  8. Resolve to be patient and polite. Travel can be tedious at times. Things can go wrong. Don’t blame flight attendants for delays it’s not their fault. You do catch more flies with honey.
  9. Speaking of #8 resolve to practice good etiquette on airplanes, ships and during tours. Take your place in line. Don’t save lounges on the ship’s deck if you’re not there. Be on time for ship shows and excursions.
  10. Unless part of the price or fare, always leave a tip for those who serve you such as tour guides, bus drivers, stateroom attendants, waiters in restaurants.
  11. Take that first cruise. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Life is short and cruises are stress-savers.
  12. Plan a multi-generational vacation to catch up with relatives and spend quality time with them. Life is short (I know I said that before).
  13. Preen. Take time for yourself to get a spa treatment, manicure, pedicure, new hair style or other bodily indulgence. Cruise ships have top spas and salons so make use of them.
  14. Keep up your exercise routine and healthy eating even when on a ship or tour. Walk, swim, go to the ship or hotel gym but just do it like Nike says. Sure try different foods and even desserts but in moderation.
  15. Splurge on first class upgrades or fares. Believe me it’s worth it and again life’s too short to be cramped and uncomfortable.
  16. Speaking of splurging, go for that top suite or as close to the top as you budget allows. There’s nothing like living large.
  17. Give up smoking.  Puffing is frowned upon these days.  Needs no  other explanation needed.
  18. Take a pillow with you if you’re going on a long flight and flying coach. It will make economy seating more comfortable.
  19. Keep a positive attitude no matter what unforeseen problem arises such as flight delays etc.  You catch more flies with honey.
  20. Plan your trips well in advance.
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