Just a few reminders that can take the havoc out of holiday travel

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

  1. The most obvious preparation is to allow plenty of time to get to the airport. It’s better to get there early than miss you flight. And today most major airports have lots of restaurants, bars and shops.
  2. Leave an itinerary home with friends and/or family and of course your cell number.
  3. Be sure to let neighbors know you’ll be gone so they can keep a watch on your house. Also keep a light on to avert burglars.
  4. Don’t forget the dog or cat. Ho, ho, ho. But it happens. Make sure someone is looking out for your pets or that you put them in a kennel.
  5. Put a hold on your mail and newspaper or ask someone to pick them up for you.
  6. While credit cards are widely accepted, do bring some cash for tipping and incidentals.
  7. Don’t forget to pack your passport, Visa (if needed), ID card, medical insurance card and of course any medications you take.
  8. Pay all your bills in advance if they will come due while your away.
  9. Tell your credit card company if you will be traveling outside the country and will using your card. It’s always good to let them know so they don’t suspect fraudulent activity on your plastic.
  10. Forget your worries and just be happy and have a great time.



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