Avoiding mistakes and taking precautions for smoother sailing

by Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

Crystal Symphony

I’ve been on hundreds of cruises.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t made a few mistakes.  I learned the hard way how to be in cruise control.

I must confess I even got locked in a bathroom and  locked out on my balcony.  Lost my key, forgot my cabin number and left stuff in the safe.

No only those but I used to pack enough outfits to clothe a small nation.

And now I’d like to share a few tips for cruise control that I learned: 




  1. In view of current situations you may want to stock up on anti-virus/bacterial wipes to use on airplanes and in your stateroom. I just bought a dozen or so. I always wipe the remote, phone, door knobs, tray tables, seat arms, etc.Disinfecting wipes
  2. Don’t get locked out of your stateroom. It’s happened to me once too often. I either leave my key in the cabin or it simply dies on me. Don’t put your key car next to a mobile device or credit art, it will deactivate.
  3. Always slathered sun block all over your body before heading up on deck or out to the beach in port. A sunburn can really ruin a cruise
  4. Keep your key card under control. If you go to the pool don’t just plop it on a lounge, make sure it’s battened down so it won’t away.
  5. If you take any shore excursions to beaches be sure to wear reef walkers, especially in French Polynesia and the Caribbean where it’s easy to step on sea urchin. Trust me on this. I stepped on the spiny creature during a fun outing and  had to be carted back to the ship with the doctor had to remove all the spiny things from my feet. It hurt a lot. I did learn that urinating on the area would have helped but then it may not have been politically correct in public.
  6.  Be a savvy shopper. Book an all-inclusive cruise line  such as Crystal, Silversea, Seabourn, Regent and the like. It will work out financially better in the long run if you drink wine and cocktails. Also the fare includes your tips and WiFi–costs that can add up. And Regent even includes many  free shore excursions.

Safety in numbers

       7. Memorize your room number or write it somewhere you can carry it around. It’s not on your keycard. Embarrassed to admit I forgot mine enough times to have to go to the front desk which was humiliating but they are always nice about it. Ditto for the combination to your cabin safe where you should always store valuables.

Prudent Packing

  1. Packing tip #1.  If you take medications bring extra supplies just in case of unforeseen events. Also, while some cruise lines have binoculars in the cabins for passengers use, you might want to bring a pair. It’s nice to be able to look out to sea to spot whales, dolphin etc. 
  2.  Packing tip #2: don’t bring a steamer trunk full of clothing. You will never wear it all. I used to be guilty of this. Think about how you dress at home. You wouldn’t wear that much clothes around the house or town.  Prudent packing means less to unpack and repack.
  3.  Weight control.  Just like you wouldn’t wear large wardrobes at home, you probably normally don’t overeat at home. Eat the portions  your normally do. Of course there will be those times that lead you into temptation. So splurge on a dessert or pizza but limit the amount. Use the fitness center, stairs, jogging track to burn calories.


stay off the railing

11. Enjoy your veranda. But don’t ever sit on the railing especially if you’ve had a few pops. It’s unsafe and even if you have great balance the ship could lurk while encountering a large wave. Also never hang anything over the balcony railing. First of all it doesn’t look nice. Secondly it could blow away as the ship picks up speed.

12. Sit back. Lose yourself watching the wake. Relax. Enjoy. Spend quality time with your ship mate. And, don’t worry be happy, everything’s gonna be okay.


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