14-ways to please your lover

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Valentine's Day

Still haven’t got that Valentine’s Day gift for your lover? Well time’s running out. In case you forget, it’s this Sunday. No worries,  here are 14 ideas you can put together pretty quickly on the web. Because pandemic restrictions limit some activities our list is coronavirus-compliant.

  1. A cruise vacation. Go on Pavlus.com and book an ocean or riverboat voyage for sometime later this year or 2022 to be safe.
  2. Order a special meal from a local restaurant and be sure to have some wine or Champagne on ice and a dozen roses.
  3. Shop around Amazon.com where you can find all sort of cool gifts like lingerie, stuffed animals, manscaping tools and more.
  4. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a Valentine’s Day marriage proposal.Valentine's Day gift ideas
  5. Depending on the COVID19 rules where you live you might want to hire a hairstylist to make a house call. Or a manicurist or masseuse.
  6. An IOU for a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant when it reopens, or outdoors if permission by CDC rules.
  7. Pack a picnic and head hand in hand to a beach or park.
  8. Invite them on a long hike and bring along a bottle of  Forbidden Kiss French red wine to enjoy at the top of a hill or mountain.
  9. Plan a romantic staycation night at home with candles, candy, Champagne and a TV movie.
  10. Run a bubble bath with fragrant oils and light some non-flammable candles to set the mood.
  11. Make them a Valentine’s Day card. Use some creativity. Perhaps photos of each other or just them with cute, romantic captions.
  12. Buy them exercise equipment like an EFX machine, treadmill, weights etc. to help them stay in shape during the pandemic.Maui wedding
  13. If you are getting married consider doing it heavenly Hawaii where you can still go if  you have proof of a negative Covid19 test three days prior to your departure.   You can even make appointments for the two of you in advance to take the test.
  14. Bake a special cake and put a big heart on top.Viking's Valentine's Day cakeHappy Valentine’s Day
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