Sail out of Bora Bora Photo by Richard Pietschmann

Experience wonders of the South Pacific and beyond

By Patti Pietschmann  Pavlus BlogMaster

 Fans of Regent Seven Seas will love the line’s 14 voyage selection in  New Zealand, the South Pacific,  Asia and Australia.  And Pavlus is ready to book you.  Imagine exploring a new island paradise every day in the South Pacific.

There will be breathing sights to see such as the magnificent Blue Mountains outside Sydney.  How about feeding stingrays near Gisborne or posing for photos with koala bears in Melbourne and New Zealand.

Passengers will also be able to tour ancient Asian temples in the jungles of Cambodia and  trek through a forest in search of the renowned Komodo dragon.

All-inclusive fares for real

Regent Seven Seas offers truly all-inclusive fares.  No need to pay tips or for wines, spirits and other potables.  Eleven of the upcoming voyages also include a free  pre- or post-cruise land that includes deluxe accommodations, daily touring and exclusive activities, all escorted by local experts.

Here are a few good choices 

  • The Feb. 8, 2020  Magical Bali: Land of the Gods pre-cruise land package before sailing the southern Australia route to Sydney. Delve into the fascinating Balinese culture by visiting an array of architectural treasures such as Hindu temples, traditional villages and cultural parks that reflect daily life on the island of Bali.
  • A Southeast Asia voyage Angkorapore Wat Experience from Sing, where, just outside Cambodia’s Siem Reap, a unique and thrilling adventure awaits in the jungles of Angkor to uncover the rich history and grand architecture of the Khmer Empire. Obscured by dense vegetation for centuries, the impressive temples of Angkor comprise one of the world’s largest religious monuments.
  • The Mar. 27, 2020 sailing from Bangkok, Thailand features a new Abu Dhabi, Dubai Dunes and Sharjah post-cruise land program to discover the intriguing history and modern development of the emirates by experiencing some of the ancient and natural wonders of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and also visiting the cultural landmarks of Sharjah.

“These voyages offer enriching and luxurious journeys that uncover hidden gems and fascinating ports with immersive shore excursions with now suite upgrades and shipboard credits added,” said Jason Montague, president and chief executive officer of Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Pavlus Travel can put you on any of these fabulous voyages:




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