Tryst again like you did last summer or sex on the high seas

By Patti Pietschmannm, Travel Diva

With February just two days away,  and having recently posted about Princess Cruises vow renewal Valentine’s Day ceremonies, we thought  some mojo-motivating tips might be in order to practice on your next cruise.  After all we are welcoming the most romantic month on the calendar and it has 29 days this year.

So whether you’re heading out to sea with your lover, soon or in the future, here’s some Cupid-inspired advice:

  1. Women should pack some mojo-motivating sexy lingerie or outfits to don during the cruise.

Cupid’s tip: pick out a sexy number from Naughty Girl such as this one I found at an LA Products Show:Sexy numbers for a lover's cruise

  1. Plan quality cabin time during the day, before dinner or at bed time. Ask your cabin attendant or butler to bring in non-flammable candles. Order a bottle of fine Champagne and canapes (oysters if available) and use your imagination.
  2.  Snuggle up on deck in one of those over sized loungers.
  3. Order dinner served under the stars on your balcony (if you have one and you really should. Better yet splurge on a suite or book a line that offers all-suites such as  Regent, Silversea or Seabourn).
  4.  Ask the Captain to perform a vow renewal.
  5. Surprise each other by ordering a special dinner on deck.  This is doable on Seabourn, Silversea or Regent. Don’t forget wine and/or champagne.
  6.  Book a couples massage at the spa. Treat her to a mani/pedi. Treat him to a men’s facial.
  7.  Do something that he or she really wants to do even if you don’t feel like it.
  8.  Try a new exhilarating experience together such as zip-lining if you never have.
  9.  If on a tropical island cruise pack a picnic and go to the beach and pick a remote spot on the sand. We love to do this at Shell Beach in St. Barths.
  10. Wake up with a big smile on your face and love in your heart. Morning kisses and hugs help.
  11. Pay attention to each other and not your mobile devices.
  12. Order roses and chocolates for the cabin.
  13. Always say, “I love you,” before going to bed.

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