Mii amo destination spa’s guide to coping with coronavirus fears

by Patti Pietschmann Travel DivaTranscendental Miiamo

I am a true believer of the benefits of going to destination spas and have visited many.  Alas these vital health and fitness facilities  are currently shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic. But many, such as Mii amo, in Sedona, Arizona,  offer virtual ways to de-stress.  Yoga and meditation are easily done at home and will help put you in a Zen-like state.

Snuggled within a transcendental-like backdrop of red rock in  Sedona, Arizona, Mii amo  provides refuge from a world that can all too easily throw you off balance. It’s a place to focus on being, versus doing. A place to tune out the noise and seize an opportunity to seek in.

Crystal grotto at Miiamo Miiamo in Sedona, Arizona

Although currently closed, Mii amo if offering virtual assistance such as a Mindfulness Meditation series:

 Take a deep breath as you find your moment of Zen

Find a nice, relaxed, comfortable position to sit. Either on a chair, the floor or on a cushion–whatever is best for you. Keep you back straight and rest your hands wherever they are comfortable. Take a deep breath in, and exhale out through your fingers and toes, releasing the tension from your body and mind.

Raising awareness

Bring your awareness to the top of your head, and imagine a loving and pure bright light of energy coming down from the universe, resting above your head.

Now start to bring this light in through the top of your head, moving down into your eyes, relaxing your eyes, then down to your nose, your jaw, feeling your jaw relax.

Feel this light move down your neck and shoulders. Releasing all that you may be holding there. Let your shoulders, arms and finger relax as tension flows through your fingertips.

Allow this light into your heart center, letting in a loving, bright light.  Savor this loving energy within this space. Then  feel this energy glide to your belly and relaxing your hips, thighs, knees and calves. Let the flow go to your ankles and toes. And continue to feel your whole body relax.


Begin to breathe deeply  from your belly in a nice, natural breadth. As you inhale, feel your belly expand.  As you exhale feel your belly fall. Continue focusing on your breath. And with your third eye, imagine a candle within your heart center. Now with each breath become more aware of the flame of the candle. Aware of this loving light within you as you inhale and exhale. And continue to focus on this candle as you breathe.

Slowly start to bring your mind back to your body. Return to the here and now.  Feel your toes, your legs, your fingers. Now open your eyes and continue your awareness of this loving light within you throughout your day.

Stay home, practice distancing, good hygiene and be safe.  It’s the only way to conquer coronavirus. Then once it’s over we can all go back to traveling. Pavlus agents are waiting to help you.


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