Spooky stuff on the Emerald Island

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Ireland at HalloweenHaunted houses, cursed castles and lots of spooky spaces permeate across the island of Ireland. It’s all in history of the ‘birthplace of Halloween”.  Each has tales to tell. They lure lovers of the supernatural anxious to glimpse a ghost or feel the chill of a spirit’s breath.

Haunted houses

Loftus Hall in County Wexford in Ireland’s Ancient East is the most haunted building in Ireland. It’s where, according to legend, the Devil himself came calling in disguise.

If you want to see what happens in Loftus Hall after dark you can view a live stream from six rooms every night..

Built by the Shaw family in 1625, historic Ballygally Castle sits on the spectacular Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. It is famous for the ghost, Lady Isobel Shaw, who resides in its tower.   Today the castle is a luxury hotel  Shaw’s ghost apparently roams the corridors along with other spirits.

Tales of witchcraft, revenge, demonic rituals and betrayal abound in the medieval city of Kilkenny– one of most haunted places in Europe.

According to lore, the ghost of  accused witch Alice Kyteler haunts  two of its buildings.  Kyteler  fled the city, leaving her maid to be burned at the stake in her place.

More spooky stuff and ghostly tales

On Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, the echoes prisoners of the sixteenth-century pirate queen Grace O’ Malley can seemingly be heard in the dungeons of Westport House in County Mayo. .

Imposing Dublin Castle claims  has strong links to one of the master of the macabre, Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

Born at the height of the Great Famine, Stoker worked in Dublin Castle. His  inspiration to write Dracula  came from the tales of the undead  from his mother and references to Ireland’s starving people as the walking dead.

IrelandEvery Halloween Dublin stages the Bram Stoker Festival, a vampire-themed horrorfest in his honor which this year will feature a series of both live and online events.

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