Testing is mandatory for most travel

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Mandatory masks on United

If you’re planning to fly you’ll will most likely need to take a Covid19 test prior to boarding your plane. And of course, prove you get a negative result. Most airlines and destinations insist this be done no longer than 72  hours prior to embarkation. Flying to certain areas such as Hawaii requires  an additional step.  All travelers must fill out a health questionnaire prior to departure.

Getting the test isn’t a snap,  but some airlines are trying to reduce the burden, but not the price. You can pay from $90 to $250 a person for a rapid test. There’s unconfirmed speculation that Kaiser Permanente may give the test to its members. We’re waiting on this.

So far Hawaiian is talking about drive-through testing labs at airport and home DIY kits. Entry to the Hawaii islands requires negative Covid19 test results or 14-day quarantines.

Bottom line is always main objective

Alaska and United are also planning to provide airport test spots.  American is discussing offering tests for certain destinations.  There are mumblings that other airlines are getting on the Covid19 testing bandwagon as a way to lure passengers back.

If they really want us to return to the friendly skies they should consider reducing the price of the tests or discounting them for First Class tickets. No matter what the circumstances—and these  are dire straits—it’s always the bottom line with airlines.

Risky business

Negative results don’t necessarily reduce risks of contracting the virus. Tests can prove false and in some cases taken before the person is exposed. Therefore it is important to follow mandatory instructions  to wear a mask, distance and use good hygiene when traveling.

When you are ready to climb on the iron horse again be sure to research your destination and airline to arm yourself with the rules. You can also call a friendly, helpful Pavlus travel expert for advice and bookings. That’s 800-528-9300 or pavlus.com on the web.



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