Detail-oriented ship

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

A real game-changer

The Celebrity Flora, which sets sail on June 30, 2019  raises the bar  on Galapagos cruises.   The amount of detail that went into planning each public space, each cabin, and each experience is unrivaled among cruise ship designs.

The 5,800 ton, 100-passenger purpose built ship provides an ideal ways to experience the Galápagos.

Easy on, easy off

Flora sports  six “Pangas” or tenders for loading passengers on and off the ship for daily included excursions. They are the first of their kind to feature hydraulic ramps at the bow and a built in staircase  for climbing out of the Panga. For cruisers worried about the embarkation process, leave those worries behind.

The Discovery Lounge

The Discovery Lounge, located on deck 4 of the Flora, is  where passengers go to prepare for the next day’s excursions It is also where naturalists lecture on the flora and fauna of the area.

And of course the perfect place for a cocktail.

The Discovery Lounge is also home to the largest screen in the Galápagos, which will give guests the opportunity to reminisce with photographs of the days wildlife.

 Local Sourcing of Cuisine

Located also on Deck 4, the Seaside restaurant focues on local tastes of the Galápagos for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Almost all food onboard is sourced locally from Ecuador or the Galápagos Islands.

Passengers are treated to delicious tastes of the regions.

Menu offerings include freshly caught  Red Snapper,  jumbo prawns, steaks and wild caught tuna.

Al Fresco dining

For those wishing to dine in the fresh sea air, the Oceanside Grill Deck 7 is a great choice.

Glamping under the stars

The first ever on board glamping experience

Passengers can pay a small surcharge for a unique glamping experience.  It all begins with a delivery of custom embroidered pajamas the day before your scheduled experience. Just before dinner time the hotel manager comes to escort you to Deck 7, the top deck of the Flora.

An intimate dinner awaits you there under a  billion stars.  Then after some some wine you enjoy a private dinner like no other. After your meal you are  taken a few steps away to your private cabana with a King Size Bed cover with a Bug Net (just in case).

You are provided with a flashlight and choice of pillows before nodding off under the stars.  The next morning you will be awakened at a time of your choosing and served breakfast in bed to end the experience. A true highlight of the cruise experience, and something you are sure not to forget!

To book Celebrity Flora just contact Pavlus.

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