For the love of cruising

by Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Why people love to cruise

Photo of Crystal Symphony in Maui by Richard Pietschmann

One of the most compelling reasons that people love cruises so much is the feeling of family on board.  Especially for repeat passengers who go on ships where the crew knows their names. And, they are welcomed back with open arms.

Another motivation is feeling free from the rigors of life while watching the wake and having few decisions to make other than when they want to go to dinner and what to order.

Right up there is the ability to see places (or islands) of the world without having to pack more than once. Without having to board planes.

Then there’s the diversity of activities in one place. Such as shows, movies, spa treatments, pools, Jacuzzis, fitness options, lectures, group games, bars and lounges, shore excursions and more.

Making new friends

Bar on RSSC Mariner

Photo of Seabourn bar by Richard Pietschmann

Cruise ships are also great places to meet new people and make friends (some lasting as my husband and I have done on many voyages). Passenger mingle at bars where friendships happen.

Of course if you prefer to be alone, you can also go off by yourself, have a table for two and enjoy your privacy. 

Couples can find romantic nooks and crannies  and enjoy meals under the stars on their private balcony (or in bed).

Feeling comfortable

The sense of being in a comfortable cocoon while a butler or cabin stewardess takes care of your every need. Some lay out your sleepwear and tend to your dry cleaning or laundry and dining reservations (when necessary). 

Of course they also keep you cabin clean and tidy changing towels and linens and stocking your mini-fridge (when applicable). We’ve even had cabin crews clean, and repair our eye glasses, shine our shoes and mend clothing.

Crystal Cruises penthouse butlers

Engin, a Crystal Cruises penthouse deck butler
by Richard Pietschmann

Food, fabulous food

Regent Seven Seas Prime14Cruise cuisine is better than ever and enjoying fine dining at sea is an unbeatable luxury. This is especially true on lines such as Crystal, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Silversea, Oceania, Celebrity and Viking. Of course free wines, spirits, soft drinks and specialty coffees, available on luxury lines add to the allure.

Food on RSSC Mariner

Veal chop at Prime 7 on RSSC Mariner by Richard Pietschmann (who got to eat it, too)



To the left is a decadently delicious seven layer chocolate cake from RSSC Mariner Prime 7.






Silversea Silver Muse

By Patti Pietschmann

And then  there’s the wind in  your hair, fresh salt water spray from the ocean, a leisurely pace and a freedom from the cares of the real world.

Because when you’re on a ship it’s like a fantasy floating island that feels surreal.

Which is why most of us hate getting off the ship.  but we must until the next time.  And that’s why so many passengers book future cruises before the one they are on ends.

To quote, in part from a popular Tina Turner tune, “it’s simply the best, better than all the rest.”




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