Why we love cruises and what we miss the most during the coronavirus pause

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

With everything that’s going on  right now between protests, riots and the coronavirus pandemic, I just wish we could all just hop on a cruise ship and sail away to island paradises.

My husband Richard and I have taken cruises of all lengths. And will continue to do so the minute the coronavirus cruise-pause is lifted.   We’ve done a few carefree and glorious voyages of  28 days long on  Silversea  and Crystal.  And they were so special we never wanted to get off.

What we miss about being on cruise ship is the quality time together. Once on board we leave any worries in the wake. Cruise Wake

Much to do on a cruise

Sometimes at home you just can’t find time to go to the gym or get spa treatments. But on a cruise there’s nothing but freedom to do just that or anything else.

Ship spas offer exercise classes even yoga and Pilates. And there are head to toe treatments for blissing out.

I also miss the stimulating lectures especially on Crystal Cruises and also the luxury line’s free computer university program.  I learned a lot of good tech stuff at them.

Oh and the libraries are so well stocked with the latest books that you have no time to get at home. And they are free to borrow.

Staying connected

On a cruise there’s even more time to connect with families and friends on the Internet.  Most luxury lines offer free WiFi. And with extra time on your hands you can email and send photos at will.

Seabourn Quest


Butler bliss

butlers rock

Butlers rock and every suite has one on Silversea

Since we can’t afford to hire a butler at home, we love that Silversea, Crystal and Regent provide them.  It is such a luxury to have a valet to cater to any whim. And they do and I miss them all.

I mostly miss Crystal, Silversea, Seabourn and Regent Seven Seas. That’s because my tastes run to luxury, suites and verandas.

Patti and the butler in a Penthouse Deck suite on Crystal Serenity

This is our butler Engin, a delightful Turk who has always gone overboard to take care of us on Crystal. And I miss him but I do keep in touch with Engin on Linkedin.


Food, fabulous food

photo by Richard Pietschmann

Did I mention how much I miss the food. Not yet.  The cuisine just doesn’t get much better than what’s served on Silversea,Seabourn, Crystal and Regent Seven Seas. Above is a veal chop cooking at Hot Rocks on Silversea Silver Shadow).

I also miss the butler setting breakfast on our balcony while we’re off for our morning swim in the pool. What a delight to return to the suite and see the spread.  Ditto for in-suite dinners, which we do often.

The Silversea difference

Photo by Richard Pietschmann

Ports of call

And of course I miss visiting different islands and parts of the world without having to pack again or board a plane.

I miss visiting the thoroughly French island of St. Barths with its joie de vivre and gorgeous beaches.

Photo by Richard Pietschmann

One of the most beautiful beaches in the islands

Crystal Serenity

Crystal Serenity anchored off St. Barths by Richard Pietschmann

Our  cruise history covers the seven seas.

In Samoa we took a tour led by a savvy guide named Julie who told us that the natives eat only two meals a day but “snack frequently.” Sounded like a being on a cruise. We went by van to a local beach where Beverly Hills attorneys run the restaurant. Go figure.

We swam in the crystal clear, but rather shallow sea and sunned until heading back to the ship. We made an unscheduled substitute stop in Nuku’Alofa, Tonga due to inclement weather where we were supposed to dock in Figi. Who among you have been there? Even though Silversea pax are well traveled this was new for most of us and fascinating.

We booked a tour to an island. But before we were able to board the little boat, we were given a mandatory excursion to see the sites and markets of the city. The pristine island was worth the wait with its warm, transparent waters and friendly natives who entertained us with local dance routines.

 New Zealand

New Zealand is another highlight of our travels. This retro 1950s scene displays locals relaxed locals enjoying life to the fullest at the beach, in sailboats, sitting in cafes or restaurants.  I remember  hiking in  Tauranga  to The Mount and back to the beach. In  the Bay of Islands  there’s a cute, picture postcard town that’s just 2 miles to a  beach. Guess you get the point that we like the beach a lot. A whole lot.

Days fly by on cruises but that’s okay and what it’s all about Alfie. Now I’m missing it even more.

Cruising is one of the most therapeutic, exciting ways to vacation. And with all many cutting-edge ships debuting,  it’s better than ever.

Hopefully by the end of 2020 we’ll be back to sea again. It will be a little different due to the pandemic.  But cruising will always be the best hassle-free and even most economical means of seeing the world.

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