Posh French line visits the far reaches of the earth  in 2021-2022

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva


To be quite honest, I’m a fan of tropical island cruises. Sure I’ve done Alaska and Scandinavia but for me Antarctica is quite a reach. Not to say I wouldn’t do it, maybe one day. I would certainly be agreeable to going there on a stylish Ponant ship.

However, I do have a few friends, such Newport Beach resident, Glenn Bozarth pictured below,  who have ventured off the far reaches of the earth. And they loved it.

Courtesy of Glenn Bozarth

Well posh Ponant is offering five itineraries on its ice-breaker,  Le Comandant Charcot in 2021 and 2011. The ship, currently under construction,  is a hybrid electric polar vessel that will sail to Peter I Island. This is a place were only a few humans have gone. It is rife with seabirds, Minke whales and orcas.

New adventurous activities

Expeditions will include   new activities, in addition to the many hikes and Zodiac excursions already offered by PONANT. Outings in hovercraft or kayaks will make it possible to admire the boundless crystalline panoramas of the Antarctic from all angles. Adventure seekers can also go diving in polar waters.

Ponant says that Commandant Charcot is among the most environmentally friendly ships in the sea, powered exclusively by battery and LNG (liquefied natural gas) – the cleanest fuel on the market.

Other ventures include The Emperor Penguins of  the Bellinghausen Sea. This is a 19 day, 18-night expedition. Discover the expedition here. There’s also a Weddell Sea and Larsen Ice Shelf trip or Weddell Sea and the South Sandwich Island.

Interested in going outside the box to Antarctica? A Pavlus Travel specialist can set you up on Ponant.



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