Snuggle up in a Cabana boutique hotel-like van

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

We really need to get creative these days to celebrate special occasions like Valentine’s Day.  It’s important to feel safe. And Cabana, an innovative Seattle company has just the solution. It’s a luxurious  private van that resembles a boutique hotel. And they bring it your home where you can either just snuggle up in it in your own back yard,  or take it on a three-day glamping trip.

Snuggle room

Your honeymoon-like bed features an 8” graphite-infused memory foam mattress.  The size is a camper queen, which means it is the width of a queen with the length of a full (74”).
COVID-friendly Valentine's Day isea

Photo by Daniel Benjamin

That’s entertainment

You can relax in bed and stream entertainment on a 24” screen with Amazon Fire TV. There are USB ports and power outlets next to the bed for charging.

Turn up the heat

While you may not need to add to the sizzle. There is a a thermostat. The forced-air heating system is powered by fuel in the fuel tank. The system automatically shuts off if fuel in the tank falls below ¼.

Get some privacy

Windows come with a durable, button-up window shade. Snap them in for privacy or to keep the morning light out while you sleep.

For summertime trips

Cool off with the ceiling fan that circulates air in and out of the van for warmer nights.

The van has a little kitchen with coffee maker. Valentine's day glamping

Cabana options

You can elect to snuggle up in the van at home. Or whisk your lover out of town on a glamping trip.  It’s a perfect  Valentine’s Day tryst with  with chocolates and dried flowers.  You bring the wine, champagne and other aphrodisiacs’.  For more about taking the van on the road go to glamp-site booking.

The service is available in Los Angeles and Seattle but the company plans to expand throughout the US.

For more romantic travel ideas contact a Pavlus travel advisor on the web site or at 800-528-9300.



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