Airline adds extra layer of protection to combat Covid19 spread

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

As we all become antsier to travel many of us are considering hopping on airplanes. We long to see relatives and/or friends or just get out of Dodge. But it’s still risky business.

Thanks to airlines such as Delta flying is becoming less hazardous to our health. Delta Airline continues to implement one of the most aggressive fights in the industry to help combat the spread of coronavirus on its planes. And now besides stringent sanitizing and safety protocols the carrier is teaming up with experts from Mayo Clinic. And to the joy (and feedback from passengers) beverages are available again.

The partnership with Mayo Clinic aims to arm Delta with as much information as possible to help contain the spread of this deadly virus.

Mitigating the risk of Covid19

“As we continue adjusting our business to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, there’s no organization in the world better equipped than the Mayo Clinic to act as Delta’s medical advisor,” says Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “The role Mayo will play testing our employees and advising on safety practices at airports and work spaces will help deliver the additional layers of protection needed to safeguard our customers and employees.”

Delta claims is a CareStandard layers of protection, along with other measures, has helped to  significantly decrease  the number of employees testing positive for COVID-19 between April and May. Since May, the number of employees testing positive is well below the national average. Delta is working closely with expert advisors at Mayo Clinic to review, enhance and continuously improve health and safety protocols.

Relying on the experts

Mayo Clinic;s participation will include:

  • COVID-19 testing for Delta Workforce – Mayo Clinic Laboratories designed Delta’s employee testing program. It is also assisting in administering diagnostic and serology tests. And it will analyze the findings to determine broader trends.
  • An Integrated Advisory Council–this executive team will meet frequently to review and assess Delta’s health and safety policies and procedures. Mayo Clinic will also provide  ongoing clinical guidance to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through enhanced safety measures for employees.
  •  Customer health consulting – the group will work closely with Delta’s Customer Experience team.
  •  Mayo Clinic will review and provide guidance on current customer-facing protocols and safeguards in place. It will also counsel on how to enhance these measures for optimal results. In addition, Mayo Clinic will advise Delta on best practices for customers regarding COVID-19 prevention. This includes the use of effective personal protective equipment, and guidance on how Delta can continue to provide a safe and clean travel experience.
Travelers ratings

“Satisfaction scores among Delta customers is at an all-time high during the pandemic. Many people I know are favoring flying Delta these days.  Everyone is applauding the airline for its safety protocols of masks, distancing and other inflight safety procedures. The carrier is taking crew and passenger seriously. Unlike American Airlines that, according to passengers and news sources is cramming people in and not following stringent coronavirus guidelines.

“Mayo Clinic’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to develop innovations in molecular and antibody testing. It creates therapies such as  convalescent plasma, and protocols and procedures to mitigate the spread of infection,” says Dr. Ting.

Risky business

Getting on a plane is as risky as being in close quarters anywhere. But most of the danger is from fellow passengers. It can be too close for coronavirus contact. That’s why what Delta is doing is very reassuring.

As of this writing you won’t be able to fly Delta to New York if you live in state where coronavirus is raging. And you also can’t fly to Hawaii as of now without a Covid19 test proving negative results. Unless you are willing to quarantine for 14-days when you get there.

And the good news for thirsty passengers
Delta partners with Mayo Clinic

The new drink norm on Delta

Beginning July 2, domestic First Class and Delta Comfort+ customers will once again get  complimentary beer and wine on flights greater than 500 miles ending a pause than began in March.

Catering to passenger feedback,  and listening to advice from health professionals, airline stews will offer single single-serve red and white wine,  Heineken, Miller Lite, SweetWater 420 and SweetWater IPA.

The beer and wine will come in single-serve bottles in First Class and Delta Comfort+ on serving trays that minimize touch points on-board.

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