Exclusive preview of the gorgeous vessel built to sail the Douro River

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Wow! Tauk’s new riverboat is a stunner. Says Tauk CEO, Dan Mahar, “The Andorinha is a truly beautiful vessel.” said Tauck CEO Dan Mahar, “She’s  distinctly different from every other ship in our fleet, but instantly recognizable as a Tauck riverboat to past passengers.”

“We’ve successfully brought our intimate and casually elegant style of Tauck river cruising to the Douro,” Mahar adds.

Design details

Dramatic Azulejo tiles (Arabic for “polished stone”) adorn several areas. They are most prominent in  the main Compass Rose restaurant and Arthur’s, an alternative dining venue.

The azulejos appear dramatically in a hand-painted tile mosaic map depicting the Iberian Peninsula and its surrounding oceans.

Fabric facsimiles of the tiles accent one wall of each cabin. Throw pillows and carpeting continue the  flow.

Within the ship’s soaring atrium, railings, carpeting and lamps suspended from the ceiling  boast curving patterns reminiscent of azulejo designs.

Grapevines from Portugal and other design highlights

Grapevines reflect Portugal’s 2,500 years of wine making traditions and the continued influence of viniculture on its society today.


The grapevine theme continues in cabins and suites  through wall  lamps that sit in front of accentuating wallpaper panels.

More prominently, the Andorinha’s reception area features a large, circular, domed ceiling light seemingly entwined in grapevines.



Sundeck of Tauck's new stunning Andorhina


Doing the Douro in style

The  sleek 84-passenger, 42-cabin Andorinha debuts along the Douro in April.  Her  christening happens  in Porto on March 31.

Passengers can choose from one of a dozen 300 sq. ft. suites on the upper Diamond Deck or any of  20 225 sq. ft. cabins and four 150 sq.ft. ones.

Tauck is offering three Douro River itineraries aboard the Andorinha in 2020. There’s  a 12-day journey that bookends a seven-night Douro cruise with two-night hotel stays in Lisbon and Madrid.

To book a Tauck trip contact a Pavlus Travel Specialist.   Pavlus is the largest seller of Tauck tours and cruises.  For more about Tauck click on www.tauck.com.

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