Going on your first cruise is an exciting time. There’s so much to look forward to: making new acquaintances and gaining new friends, fun activities you can do with your traveling companions, and luxurious vacations to different destinations. The best part is finally getting that much-needed R&R! Pavlus Travel offers discount cruises for trips around the U.S., or across Europe, the Caribbean, or even Asia.

Before you go on your cruise, however, it’s recommended that you make all the necessary preparations to ensure that your experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few things you need to check and prepare for at least several days before you embark:

Electrical Outlets: Check the voltage of the outlets your cruise ship has. Usually, outlets on cruise ships are 110V. If your devices require a 220V outlet, ask a cruise staff or your Pavlus Travel planner about an adaptor. Is it okay to bring your own or will the cruise provide adaptors to passengers?

Alcohol and Other Beverages: Some cruise ships allow passengers to bring a bottle of wine or champagne onboard. Others only allow non-alcoholic beverages. Others may prohibit bringing beverages of any kind onboard.

Sports Equipment: Are you planning to snorkel or play sports like tennis while on the cruise? Check if there are sports gear rentals and how much these cost. Also ask if passengers are allowed to bring their own equipment.

Baby Equipment: Is your baby going on the cruise with you? Do you need strollers or bouncer seats? Again, ask if you can rent these out or if you need to bring your own.

You should also confirm if there’s a dress code. Some cruise ships require formal attire for dinners and casual wear during the day. Consult your cruise representative about dress codes so you can pack the right clothes.

Another important thing to remember is to pack essentials into your carry-all—things that you will need for your first few hours onboard. It might take awhile for your luggage to reach your room, so it’s best to have a few essentials handy.

Consult our Pavlus Travel representative for other information that you need for your trip, or give us a call for more details about our discount cruises.

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