TUI’s Mein Schiff2 sails for first time since cruise pause

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Mien Schiff in Antigua

Pietschmann photo of Mien Schiff in Antigua

The first passenger ship to sail since coronavirus caused a pause in operations is  in the midst of a weekend cruise from Hamburg to Norway. German cruise line TUI Cruises Mein Schiff2 is sailing the North Sea with just 1,200 people  on board.  It’s basically a cruise to nowhere without port stops.

Due to current restrictions the ship can only carry a 60% passenger load and those on board must practice social distancing and wear masks.  Mein Schiff 2 can carry 2,900 people.

Mien Schiff makes first cruise since no sail rule


TUI posts on Twitter

TUI wrote a caption for a Twitter photo that says, “Today it finally starts again,” “Mein Schiff 2 is ready and so are we.”

Prior to boarding  passengers  were required to fill  out a health questionnaire and have temperature checks.

Mien Schiff2 does weekend cruise

TUI Cruises’ parent company, TUI Group,  was  going to  restart some holiday operations during the summer in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

AIDA also plans to end embargo

AIDA, a Carnival Corp. subsidiary brand plans to reboot  operations in August.

“We are taking a measured approach with a few initial ships within our AIDA line in Germany,” says Roger Frizzell, Carnival Corp. ”




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