Entree fees for second helpings

By Patti Pietschmann

This news may not sit well with some seafarers.  According to a spokeswoman for Holland America the line may charge extra if you order a second entree.  “Holland America is running two trials in the Dining Room. One option is to charge $10 to order a second main entrée on all nights.  Another idea the line’s milling around is to charge $10 for an additional entrée ordered only on Gala nights. There is no additional charge to order a second appetizer or dessert. No decision has been made at this point as to if one of these formats will be implemented across the fleet.”

If this happens it would be a first for a cruise as far as I know. Over the years passengers could order as much food as they’d like. Of course those who did often paid the piper with weight gains. But then who needs double dishes. Still, over-eating and cruises is par for the course for most folks. Wonder how this will turn out.

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