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By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva reporting live from Kihei, Maui

Coping with COVID19 rules on Maui


Maui’s still wowie but due to COVID19 there are rules to obey when you get here. As of now the island has few cases and it wants to keep it that way. So strict rules are in play.

Primarily masks are mandatory at almost all  times. There are a few exceptions such as when exercising outdoors. This includes running, brisk walking, and swimming. However you must cover nose and mouth when sunbathing on the beach, by a pool or basically when idle outside.

Masks are also required when entering any place of business even outdoor restaurants. However you may, of course remove your face covering when eating or drinking.

There are fines being given for people who don’t follow the rules. Distancing is also highly enforced in all establishments.  Only family members are allowed in elevators at the same time.  You must sit far away from non family members at pools and other areas.

These rules apply to Maui, Lanai and Molokai but are also pretty much island-wide.

How visitors are dealing with COVID rules on MauiID19

What else to expect

While we’re on Maui now many restaurants are not open. Also not in operation are activity centers that rent equipment such as boards and snorkel gear. So bring your own. You also are limited to diversions that include groups such as tours and helicopter  rides.

What you MUST  do before you go

One thing many visitors are forgetting is to get a COVID19 test  within  72 hours of their departure.  Failure to do so results in one of two things.  You could face a 14-day quarantine. But not every hotel or rental property is permitted to do this.

Worse case scenario is you will be sent home right away. This happens often and just recently at the condo property where we are staying. An entire family was sent back to the Mainland.

About the COVID19 test, it must be done at a lab authorized by the government at Hawaii Safe Travels site. That site is also where you register for your upcoming trip in advance.  And then 24-hours before flight time you go back to download your COVID19 test results. After you do you will receive a QR code which must be shown on arrival in Maui (or any island).

Please read this post for more details:

Bottom line

You do go through some hoops to get to Maui or any of the islands but it’s worth it. However, don’t expect the usual diversions. For now this is the new normal which will hopefully change when we get a vaccine.

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Maui visitor's primer for dealing with COVID19 rules

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