Make lemonade out of lemons

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

Self isolation during coronavirusWhile most of us are distancing ourselves and self-isolating we can truly make lemonade out of lemons.

If you’re a working mom or father unaccustomed to being home, this is for you. But it applies to everyone.

For starters be extra kind and considerate of one another. Please only buy what you need and save food and products for others.

Tell the people you love how much you do.

Stop procrastinating. If you’ve been putting off travel until you’re older or retired, don’t. Go on line to travel sites to find future trips you might want to take. Of course you shouldn’t go anywhere now but be optimistic. There will be a tomorrow. Search the web for parts of the world you always dreamed of going.

Then contact a Pavlus agent to discuss and maybe book something like a tour or cruise for 2021 and beyond. Current events should teach us to live day by day. But due to circumstances we must plan for tomorrow.

Practice good hygiene and healthy regimens

Follow CDC and other government guidelines to help to stop spreading the coronavirus. You know what they are. Good hygiene, avoiding crowds, and staying home whether you feel ill or not.

Get in shape during coronavirus isolationAnd speaking of staying home, while you’re there you can pull out that old stationary bike and start pedaling for health.  Do yoga for your mind and body. Incorporate a  daily routine that includes stretching, cardio and weights if you have them. If you don’t have equipment order some on line at You can find lots of work videos on the Internet

Be crafty and creative

Bake a pieBake a pie.  Nothing like the smell of something cooking in the oven.

Get out that cookbook and make some yummy recipes. Read books you’ve left on the shelf. Pull out those old board games, cards and checkers and play with your family. Write a book, poetry or a song. Knit or sew.

Having time more time at home opens up the door for lots of possibilities. You can clean, catch up on laundry, a start getting rid of clutter. Go through closets and shelves and donate stuff you never use to charities.

Plan a date night at home

Grab a bag of popcorn and a beer, wine or whatever you drink and watch movies on TV.  There are plenty of reruns. Or, you can subscribe to  Netflix or the like.

Above all stay healthy.

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