Tips on how to reboot and rejuvenate your mind set after a stressful year

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

First of all we want to wish you a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2021. Secondly we want to offer advice on how reset your mind and body after the long travel hiatus.

Let’s start with checking out Pavlus Travel’s home page. That’s where you will find great ideas and deals on anywhere you want to go and do.

Now sit back and envision a world without fear of COVID19. When we conquer the virus through vaccinations and protocols.  Once that’s done we can feel free to roam around the world.  But it will take awhile before we can doff those masks and avoid social distancing.

Shape up before you ship out

Okay now that you are ready to consider booking a cruise or tour, start getting in physical shape. If you are overweight this is a good time to begin a slow, methodical healthy eating regimen. So in a few months you’ll be slim and trim and ready for seconds on dessert on the ship.

Of course we don’t pare down by diet alone. You should really incorporate exercise into your daily routine. This could be long daily walks, hikes, jogs or bike rides. If gyms and health clubs reopen it will help to join one or return. People are more prone to keep up fitness routines when they pay for it.

If a health club is out of the question sign up for online workout sessions. The choices are endless, just Google it or ask Siri.

Go top cabin

You probably saved money in 2020 since you couldn’t travel as much. So use some the extra cash flow to treat yourself to First Class flights and top suites.  If you taking a long airplane ride try to fly on a plane that has lie-flat seats.  Go for it. Book the Owners Suite or a penthouse.

You’ll find best in show suites on CrystalRegent Seven SeasSilversea, Seabourn, Oceania and Celebrity. And the good news is each of those luxury lines are sweetening the pot with great deals.

Get adventurous

Maybe the time if ripe for an African safari.  Or a cruise through the glorious Galapagos Islands, Antarctica or a World Cruise. Why not.

Pamper yourself

These stressful times took a toll on many of us so it’s time to splurge on things such as spa and salon treatments. Remember if you’re booking a cruise to reserve spa services on line in advance.

And lastly think about booking future flights, cruises and tours now because fares and prices are at all time low. And of course a Pavlus agent is standing by to assist you right now at 800-528-9300.

Prepare yourself for new rules

Depending on many factors travel will be different for awhile.  You will most likely need negative COVID19 tests prior to boarding ships and planes. Masks most likely will be mandatory as will social distancing. Health questionnaires and temperature checks could be necessary. But all of these are a small price to pay for being able to travel the world. Please remember this is a very fluid situation and if all goes well with the vaccine and the virus gets under control, these rules may no longer apply.


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