The thieves are out there

By Patti Pietschmann

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Throw virtual safety net over yourself when traveling

I just read a threat on Facebook from several people who were robbed while traveling. Some lost wallets, passports, phones and even room keys or cards.

One woman wrote that after that happened to her she never again took a purse ashore. Good idea.

So what’s a tourist to do?

For starters dress down. I know we all want to look spiffy but that just attracts thieves. You don’t need to be a slob. Just save your designer togs for hotel or ship.

Fanny pack it

While a little out of fashion, a fanny pack is pretty good protection. You should wear it facing forward. Put valuables inside. But better yet, leave them in the ship or hotel safe. Just bring one credit card and a little cash and a copy of your passport or ID card.

Due diligence

Be aware of your environs. Look around you. Be diligent of people following too close. Speaking of which, don’t venture to areas that look iffy. Stay out in the crowd and at night where there are lights.

Carry pepper spray or even perfume you could use in a perp’s face. But don’t fight the mugger. Let them have what they want. Your life is priceless, you can always replace your stuff.

Double check that car service driver

Another big threat happens if you jump in an Uber or Lyft without first checking if that’s your driver. When the car arrives ask who they are picking up. Make sure it’s your name. If they give you some excuse hail a cab instead.

Again do not carry wads of cash with you. All a thief needs to see is a roll of money to whet his larcenous appetite.

Safes are so named for a reason

Use caution even in your hotel room or cabin, too. Don’t leave jewelry, passports, IDs, expensive stuff out in the open. That’s what safes are for. Lock ‘em up.

Watch the video we so kindly posted for more tips on travel safety and where the most pickpockets prey on tourists.

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