Infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci calls out American and United for ignoring virus guidelines

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

It’s jaw dropping to learn that American Airlines and United are ignoring Coronavirus statistics and  packing passengers into planes with no social distances.  Not only are passengers up in arms about this so are government experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Obviously, that is something that is of concern. I’m not sure what went into that decision making,” Dr. Fauci told a Senate panel. “I think in the confines of an airplane that becomes even more problematic.”

Fauci is the face of the infectious disease committee of the National Institutes of Health.

Other airlines abiding by guidelines

Many other U.S. carriers are controlling capacity to between 60% and 67% of all seats. Actually United Airlines never promised to leave seats empty. But  American was until this week.

“When they announced that the other day, obviously there was substantial disappointment with American Airlines,” says Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “I can say this is under critical review by us at CDC. We don’t think it’s the right message.”

American Airlines claims to employ “multiple layers of protection. It also requires face covering and a  a preflight COVID-19 symptom checklist. However  a few friends who flew AA recently said this wasn’t happening on their flights.

One would guess that most people afraid of contracting Covid19 will think twice before booking flights on either American or United. But if you do and the flight is full American says it will offer the option to change your ticket.

Money, money, money, money

It’s fairly obvious this is all about money. But remember how many billions of bucks the airlines were making before the pandemic. And how they continue to nickel and dime us with added fees.  Where did that money go? Oh yes, most likely to big CEO bonuses.

Speaking of CEO’s, United’s Scott Kirby says, “It’s less about social distancing and it’s more about the air and quality of air on board the airplane that keep people safe.”

Fort Worth, Texas-based American, is increasing flights by nearly 60% starting July 7 compared with June, which could help avoid full planes.

The good guys

Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines say they are continuing  limit capacity. Delta’s doing an amazing job keeping its aircraft sanitized and even working on preventative protocols with the Mayo Clinic.

Hawaiian also deserves credit for its stringent disinfecting and de-germing its planes.

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