A little oasis all-inclusive resort flush with ultimate pleasures

by Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Fiji Fiji  hosts some of the best  luxury resorts in the world on 133 of its tropical islands.  They are the creme-de-la-creme of all-inclusive resorts where fantasy becomes reality. Each offer  breathtakingly beautiful grounds, adjacent to crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

One of the newest, Kokomo Private Island,  circa 2017, operates with unscripted luxury.   It’s a 140-acre vacation oasis,  near the Great Astrolabe Reef.  And it overflows with  adventure, romance, and cultural experiences.

Many of Fiji’s resort islands are the creations of a single entrepreneur.  In the case of Kokomo it’s  Australian property developer Lang Walker. A visionary whose finished product combines traditional Fijian design with contemporary living. Spread out  along  two beaches are 21 private sunrise and sunset villas and five hilltop luxury residences. They all range from one to three bedrooms. And,  the oceanfront villas have private infinity pools.

World-class comfort

A world-class hideaway, Kokomo Private Island fosters Fijian wellness journeys and embraces local culture through village tours.  The food features organic produce from the resort’s five-acre farm. There’s  healthful sea greens  from the sea-foraging program. And catches of the day an international “Dock to Dish” sustainable fishing program which supports local fisheries. The nearby Great Astrolabe Reef is ideal for diving, fishing, kayaking, yachting and snorkeling.

Kokomo’s rates includes meals, accommodation, an introductory spa treatment, and one scuba dive. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary.

Flying to Fiji

A host of airlines fly to Fiji including Fiji Airways and American. Best connections are through Los Angeles or Auckland.

Additional all-inclusive luxury lodgings can be found here. And help with travel booking is available at pavlus.com or by calling 800-528-9300.


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