Cruise line tightens Priority Check-in/Planning Center

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

If you’re planning to cruise on Crystal  Symphony or Serenity better read this.  The luxury-cruise and travel operator just release these new requirements for its priority check-in and planning center.

New rules go into effect in October and November

Starting with Crystal Serenity’s October 23, 2019 voyage, and on Crystal Symphony on November 8, 2019 , all guest information must be completed on line 90-days prior to boarding. This is to  allow for a one-stop check-in experience that will expedite the boarding process.
So three months in advance of  your sailing you need to log into Crystal’s web site and fill out the necessary forms.  This applies even if  you already filled them out.

What  you need to do

Start with  immigration Information. Then check out Medical Requirements and Inoculations. And last, your Credit Card Waiver, which must be signed and completed on line.
Crystal’s wasn’t kidding when they first send out the release they said  “If your check-in process is not 100% complete 150 days before departure, you will not receive your cruise ticket/s.” Today the line changed it to 90 days and also took out the part about not receiving tickets if you don’t. Maybe this article, posted yesterday, made an impact.
Any questions? Just contact your Pavlus agent or call Crystal at  1-800-446-6620 (prompt 8). You can also find more at,
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