Exclusive roe-tasting events in the Bay Area

by Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Caviar celebrations in California
I learned to love caviar on cruise ships way back when it was served at the gala farewell dinners. Then it became a ritual on Seabourn where passengers can feast on the tiny eggs anywhere and at any time. And, that my husband, Richard I did often.
Well, July 18 is National Caviar Day and the savvy  The Caviar Co. is spreading the joy at its sixth annual festival and  24-hour sale. The company is putting on  exclusive events around the Bay Area and virtually where you can indulge in a sophisticated affair.

Roe, roe, roe your boat

Festivities begin with 90-minute Potato Blini and Caviar cooking class Live Virtual Cooking Class With Truffle Shuffle.
 During the show chefs show you how to make Yukon Gold Blinis.  You will also learn  beautiful ways to serve Californian

White Sturgeon Caviar, Smoked Trout Roe, and Kaluga Caviar.
Indulge in a decadent three-course caviar brunch with caviar bumps and a build your own Grey Goose Bloody Mary cart at this popular San Francisco restaurant! There’s a DJ and a live band (Golden Bell). Price is $95 a person.

Tasting at Tiburon

Next, head to Tiburon for Caviar Flights and Bites at Tiburon.
There you can wash down your roe with bubbly galore at the new tasting room in the heart of downtown.
The chic celebration includes tins of caviar and live music on Sunday, July 18 from Noon to 9 p.m.
For anyone who loves the taste of the salty roe and Champagne the event is worth the trip to Northern California.
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