Delta’s dedication to spotless cabins earns passenger confidence

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Delta Airlines raises the bar on cleanliness

Flying into Maui on Delta by Patti Pietschmann (visiting Hawaii has major restrictions now but hopefully we’ll be flying back soon)

A friend finally felt secure enough to fly across to see her daughter after three months of isolation. She had a few choices of airlines. But she chose Delta after checking out Delta’s website and viewing its added safety precautions.

If all goes well pandemic-wise, we’ll be heading back to Maui this fall. And most likely on Delta.

The popular Atlanta-based carrier is going to new heights to ensure its aircraft are spotless and CDC correct.
First it introduced Delta Clean (read here). The it blasts promotions to the press and frequent fliers explaining what they are doing to keep them coronavirus-free.

New Global Cleanliness division

And now Delta is establishing the airline’s first Global Cleanliness division. The department within the Customer Experience organization is taking cleanliness standard higher.

This latest move is a unique way for the global carrier to continue bringing laser focus to sanitation efforts as part of the layers of protection. .
Mike Medeiros, Vice President – Global Cleanliness heads the team and says “Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our colleagues and our customers. “I’m looking forward to innovating our processes and elevating our standards so that every customer, every flight feels confident in their choice to fly with Delta.”
We think it’s working.

The future of travel

All of you travel-starved people can begin to plan to feed your cravings. Many foreign countries are opening their doors. Cruise lines are implementing serious steps to prevent out breaks of any viruses or disease on ships. And hotels, spas, restaurants and other businesses are following suit.

But don’t expect travel as usual. You will be required to wear a mask on airplanes and when entering cruise ships, terminals and establishments. Some businesses may even require proof of a Covid19 negative test. And you will experience a temperature checks.
Before you go off on your own to plan a cruise, tour or trip contact Pavlus Travel advisors. Using a travel agent is very wise during these uncertain times. They can help you with refunds, cancellations, rebooking and more. They can even get you perks.

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