At the Grove, the perfect place for ultimate driving machine

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Luxury cars define Los Angeles.  Residents of this automobile-centric sprawling metropolis are often ranked by the make and model of their rides. Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, Teslas, Rolles and vintage cars fill the freeways and garages from Downton to Malibu and beyond. Not to mention famous collectors such as Jay Leno who frequently tools around town in exotic wheels. (At last look Leno owned 180-something cars). Here’s Jay at a Ferr BMW goes to the Grove

Futuristic exhibit

And now, almost to prove a point, BMW has an exhibit at The Grove, the city’s acropolis of upscale consumerism. It’s SPACE ] by BMW–a two-story, pseudo-gallery exhibiting the latest evolution of BMW performance, innovation, and design.

Gear heads dream

Gear heads will flip over the exhibit which  showcases the First-Ever BMW iX, BMW M vehicles, BMW Motorrad bikes and the future of MINI. And, get this while at  at [ SPACE ] you can sign-up for a free Street Drive in a BMW or the all-electric MINI. 

Street Drives are available every Tuesday through Thursday from 2 p.m. to- 7 p.m. You must be 25 years old and have a valid U.S. driver’s license to participate.BMW at the Grove

BMW at SPACEYou’ll also get to see BMW’s first  fully-electric Sports Activity Vehicle®, the BMBMW goes to The Grove BW iX,  pioneer of a new age.

The Grove is located at Famer’s Market on Fairfax Boulevard in Los Angeles. It houses restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

As a special bonus watch the clip of Marvel Studio’s Black Widow where BMW’s 2 Series Gran Couple and BMW X3  SAC have has starring roles.

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