Visitors must present proof of negative Covid19 test prior to entry

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Dreaming of a tropical cruise or vacation in the Tahitian Islands?   There are some rules and regulations you’ll need to know before you go.  Although French Polynesia’s borders are now open to international travel, it is being coronavirus-cautious by putting restrictions on anyone flying into the islands. And the first one is almost impossible for most Americans to obtain.

It’s proof of a negative Covid-19 test takes three days prior to boarding a flight.  Just try to find a lab, hospital or clinic that can do that. As coronavirus virus spike in the US getting tested, unless you have symptoms is near impossible.

However if you are lucky enough to obtain a test you need to have a printed receipt of the (Electronic Travel Information System) platform.  Say what?

Read the official rules and regulations here.

Cruise choices

Then if you pass with flying colors you must do a self-exam four days after arriving in the Tahitian Islands. Of course if you are there to take a cruise, good luck.

Now that Tahiti is open cruise ships are free to sail around the islands. And having done several of these voyages I must tell you it’s a phenomenal way to experience the enchanting archipelago.

Pavlus agents are available to book your voyage, but it’s up to you to obtain a Covid19 test.

Here’s the offerings

Haumana CruisesBora Bora Cruises  The  12-cabin ship offers weekly mini-cruises of three nights between Bora Bora, Raiatea and Taha’a. atmosphere.

Paul Gauguin Cruises–Tahiti CruiseThe Paul Gauguin explores the islands in chic but casual style with lots of perks.

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Windstar Cruises

Tahitian cruises

One of our favorite French Polynesia cruises was on Windstar. It’s so magical  to sail paradise under billowing white sails of the 4-mastered Wind Spirit.  we visit one legendary Tahitian island after another.

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Let’s hope we get the coronavirus under control so everyone can get back to wandering the world and the Seven Seas. Be safe and contact a Pavlus agent to help make your travel dreams come true.
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