Turmoil on the tarmac at JFK

Passengers irate over an eight-hour flight delay erupted into airplane rage yesterday.  Delta flight 2385 was due to take off for Miami from New York’s JFK. But weather conditions caused a postponement. Obviously this didn’t sit well with passengers stuck on board.

No food or beverages

After a while without food or drink passengers flew into a fury. The flight, which was scheduled to depart JFK at 3:52 p.m. didn’t take off until 11:10 p.m. Needless to say, in addition to the onboard rage there was a fury of twitters released by angry passengers.

YouTube  video tells it all

A YouTube video (posted here) shows the chaos. JFK Airport’s official Twitter account replied to one video, saying: “The Port Authority Police and the Airline are on the scene mitigating the situation.”

This hardly appeased those stuck on board. People fought each other verbally and physically. It’s unfortunate that these things happen. Delta had no way of fixing the weather in Miami. It was more the fault of Mother Nature. But this is life in today’s fast lane.

The police were called to calm the situation. One Tweeter called the scene “miserable.”

To make matters worse the gate crew went missing.

You just gotta watch the video.

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