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Don’t miss the boat.  Silversea, the paradigm of luxury cruising,  is accepting bookings for its  Expedition World Cruise on its jaunty Silver Cloud. And Pavlus is ready to book you.

The  global odyssey departs  Ushuaia, Argentina, on January 30, 2021. The dazzling itinerary provides  immersive travel experiences in 30 countries and six continents.  There are unparalleled experiences to enjoy.  You will been transported by zodiacs through Antarctica.  Get to bask in the sun in the South Pacific. And get a glimpse of descendants of the famous Bounty Mutineers in Pitcairn.

Orangutans up close and personal

Other highlights include a stop at a typical Samoan village and a traditional land diving ceremony at Pentecost Island. Also a chance to explore Australia’s Kimberley region and see orangutans in Malaysia’s Borneo.

The journey also travels to Luxor, Egypt, through the  Suez Canal,  Greece, Albania, Tunisia and Spain.  This is an expedition of a lifetime. We’re talking visits to the ancient monastery of Mont St. Michel and  the memorial sites on Normandy’s beaches.   You will also be able to explore the United Kingdom along with some of Northern Europe’s most remarkable destinations, including Iceland, Svalbard and Norway’s North Cape.

Experts on board

Some 70 members from Silversea’s industry-leading Expedition Team and Artist in Residence Antony Smith,  plus  several  guest speakers will board Silver Cloud to enhance the cruising experiences. As always Silversea will provide exclusive events such as a special bon voyage reception for world-cruising guests on the rooftop of Palacio Concha, a grand mansion in Chile’s Santiago. There will be privileged access to Robert Louis Stevenson’s former home in Apia, Samoa Islands, for a private dinner.

Guests will also enjoy  a private dinner  at the illustrious China Club in Singapore and a bespoke banquet on the walkway of London’s most famous landmark, the Tower Bridge.  The grande finale is an authentic culinary experience in Iceland’s Kjarnaskogur Forest.

Silversea fares include all drinks of every kind

While the World Cruise is expensive, you get a lot for your fare on Silversea.  All  suites are manned by butlers. The cuisine is often spectacular. The service is always seamless service. And fares include tips and all beverages.

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