As the economy improves and more people have jobs and discretionary income, many are looking toward travel vacations. Because they still need to mind their budgets, these travelers are looking for affordable tours and discount cruises. People in the know select [Pavlus Travel] because of the wide range of cruise deals and budget tours available.

Pavlus tours offer a wide range of escorted, affordable tours, both domestically and overseas. In North America, Pavlus Travel will take you to America’s national parks over the course of ten days. They also offer an eight-day tour of Charleston and Savannah, as well as tours of Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. If you want to travel to Europe and learn about the history and culture of that continent, your choices are numerous. France, northern Italy, southern Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, and the list goes on. Pavlus travel agency can offer you affordable tours to almost any destination you want to see.

Another appealing quality of Pavlus Travel is that the company offers cheap cruises to a wide range of destinations. If you are looking for a traditional, ocean cruise, your destination choices range from Africa to Tahiti, along with the option for a world cruise. Pavlus allows you to select by destination, sailing date, and cruise line. Best of all, they guarantee that the price you pay will be the lowest available.

That goes for river cruises, as well. This type of a trip tends to be less of a party atmosphere and more of a refined approach to touring. You might cruise the Danube or the Rhine, taking in the culture and history of the cities along those rivers. These cruise ships are smaller than the ocean vessels and more intimate.

Whether you are seeking cruise deals or tours, Pavlus travel agency is your ticket to a great time at affordable prices.

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