Cruise line letting kids accrue  loyalty points for perks

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

Princess Cruises is recognizing its most-traveled kids. One of whom is nine-year-old, Los Angeles-native Wyatt Wilkinson with  with 46 cruises under his young nautical belt.  The other is 15-year-old Alexis Lavoie,a Canadian resident from north Montreal, with 538 sea days. sea.

First cruises

Both boys began cruises at very young ages.   Wilkinson  was only a year-old when his grandmother Renate Wilkinson took him on Mexican Riviera cruise.   But he says Alaska is his favorite place and has sailed there three times in the same number of years.

Lavoie, a Canadian resident of north Montreal started earning his sea days at  four-years old during  a World Cruise on Tahitian Princess. He’s since made World Cruise with Pacific Princess and a 60-day South America cruise in 2013 on board Grand Princess.

Plenty of perks for kids

Wilkinson and Lavoie receive all the benefits of the Loyalty program from the appropriate loyalty level color displayed on their OceanMedallion and cruise card,  Wi-Fi, priority embarkation and complimentary laundry. More details can be found here:

Both lads will be able to enjoy their perks on upcoming cruises. Lavoie on a two week Christmas and New Year’s voyage on the new Sky Princess and Wilkinson on a Mexico Thanksgiving trip on Royal Princess.

Loyalty does pay even for the children, at least on Princess.






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