Do you care how your cruise tickets come

By Patti Pietschmann

By Patti Pietschmann

Once upon a time when cruise lines didn’t have web sites and still sent your tickets in the mail you got handsome folders/wallets in which to carry your passport and tickets and attractive luggage tags often with your name and stateroom number filled out for you.

Today you’re lucky to get anything from some cruise lines. You have to got the line’s web site and print the docs yourself. Even luggage tags and e-tickets.

Those were the days my friends, we did think they’d never end. Actually for luxury lines they haven’t but could any minute.

When our cruise tickets arrive  special folders we begin to get really excited about the trip. Somehow it doesn’t feel real until you open the folder and put your tickets, itinerary, luggage tags and information in your hands.

Our featured image displays folders from Crystal Cruises, Cunard, Silversea, Radisson Seven Sea(now Regent Seven Sea), Windstar, Seabourn, and Holland America. After 300+ cruises we had amassed many more which were given away.

Here’s the latest from Regent Seven Seas for a cruise we’re doing on the Mariner in Alaska. It comes with tickets, itinerary,  faux leather luggage tags and brochure.

Silversea also sends of spiffy folders complete with a journal for passengers to jot down notes.

Somehow the last one we received from Cunard for our Queen Mary 2 transatlantic trip went missing. It was gorgeous.


I missed those ticket holders. It showed class and a throwback to the elegant days of cruising. Of course the luxury cruise operators provide plenty of refinement on board. Still we used to eagerly await our documents. Sometimes they even had a bow attached.

Paper or faux leather?

The folder on the below is from our last wonderful Crystal Cruises holiday voyage from New Orleans to Miami. It’s filled with attractive logo luggage tags, itinerary, brochure and tickets.

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