PlaneAire mist kills germs in air and surfaces

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Editor

Revolutionary new sanitizing spray hits the market

Organic oils combine to kill germs

By now we all know that it is vital for our safety to carry disinfectants and wipes on airplanes. Yes, some airlines claim they provide preventative products but you should still arm yourself. Mainly because you will need to use sanitizing products even before you board a plane.  It’s a good idea to wipe elevator buttons, railings if  you hold on and surfaces you touch as you stroll to the gate.

Although it’s called PlaneAire you can also use the spray on cruise ships. When you get into your stateroom simply mist surfaces you touch.  Especially cover TV remotes, telephones, bathroom fixtures, bedspreads (which you should remove immediately) etc.

Why PlaneAire could be a cut above the rest

There are several industrial strength products available. But not as many are certifiably organic such as PlaneAire. I just received the product and have used it in my home. While I personally can’t attest to its efficacy the company does offer some impressive backup.

It claims that IPlaneAire Surface & Air Purifying Travel Mist is lab-proven to kill 99% of harmful bacteria like H1N1 Flu, MRSA, Salmonella, Staph and Pseudomonas. And it says that it works for many hours.

Spraying for safe travels

  • Before you sit down on the plane spray PlaneAire on the seat, tray table, arms and in the air. You might even want to mist the overhead bin with it. It smells nice, too.
  • PlaneAire is made from 100% natural  pure certified organic essential oils that has documented antibacterial and antiviral laboratory results from accredited commercial laboratories.  Click on EMSL Analytical and MicroChem.
  • It is available on and at seven US airports. You can also pick it up  CIBO Gourmet Markets (NYC JFK and LGA; Newark NJ; Philly; Washington DC Reagan and Dulles; Houston TX). You can also order it from the website.
  • PlaneAire costs $14.99. There are about 450 sprays per bottle.
  • Read the FAQs.

The power of oils

PlaneAire® contains a potent blend of six certified organic essential oils (peppermint, lemon, oregano, rosemary, thyme and lavender), a powerful proprietary organic fruit acid compound, and purified water.

As we get ready to cruise, tour and travel the world it’s important to use precautions. It’s imperative to carry your own sanitizers to use along the way. And during these uncertain time it’s also smart to contact a Pavlus travel agent to arrange your trips. Not only does Pavlus offer some of the lowest prices on the planet, its agents can help with any refunds or rebookings that may crop up.

Safe travels.




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