Ocean cruises are the vacation ideal for many people. The average ocean cruise is on board an enormous boat that holds thousands of vacationers. Amenities are enjoyable, but not high end. For the more discriminating cruise ship passenger, there are [Seabourn Cruises], which are on smaller boats that accommodate between 200 and 600 passengers, and offer luxury that separates them from the average cruise.

Seabourn cruise ships attract well-heeled, interesting people who appreciate the finer touches. With the highest ratio of ship space to passenger in the industry, Seabourn Cruise ships offer only ocean-viewing suites, most of which have verandas. The smaller size of the boats allows them to access ports that are not available to large ocean vessels, so you can visit areas not available to the average cruise vacationer.

Any time you take a Seabourn cruise, you will enjoy the company’s unique Seabourn Square. Instead of the lobby on a typical cruise ship, Seabourn’s ships have this welcoming lounge filled with easy chairs, sofas and cocktail tables. There is also an enclave in the center with knowledgeable concierges seated at individual desks, who are ready to handle your business and provide advice and information.

Seabourn Cruise ships include several vessels. Two are the Seabourn Sojourn and the Seabourn Legend. Both vessels offer the luxury that guests have come to appreciate and that has earned the company accolades in the travel press. Pervading all of the company’s vessels and service is the Seabourn pride which ensures that guests receive the best service and accommodations. With no more than 302 suites, every boat offers the intimacy that guests expect. The Seabourn spirit ensures that guests receive intuitive service from staff and gourmet meals found only in five star restaurants.

If you want an ocean cruise that is several steps above the typical cruise in terms of service and luxury, Seabourn Cruises should be your choice.

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