Flights between China and US to resume June 25

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Delta doing flights to Seattle via Shanghai

I must have missed the memo. When did the US waive the no flights order with China? Is this a wise move when cases of  coronavirus are spiking in America and around the world.  Lest your forgot the virus originated in Wahun, China. But flights, of course aren’t going to that provence.

Seems Delta thinks it’s the right time. The airline is resuming Seattle and Shanghai-Pudgong via Seoul-Incheon service on June 25. Last we looked coronavirus was still prevalent over there.

While people doing business in China and the US might jump at this news I can’t imagine leisure travelers are going to run out and buy tickets.

Delta’s the first airline to break the Covid19-based barrier that’s been in effect since February.

It’s all about the economy

Tha’s what Delta’s president-Greateer China and Singapore,  Wong Hong is saying.  “We are excited to resume our services between the U.S. and China, as economic and social activities start to recover . “With a mission to connect the world, Delta is committed to getting our customers to their destinations safely and confidently, especially at this critical time. We are implementing unprecedented health and safety measures and practices, so customers are assured of ease and safety at all points of their journey.”

Check out COVID19 protocols first

Be sure to check outbound/entry policies regarding COVID-19 testing and screening in China and the U.S.

The twice daily schedule for June, July and beyond:

SEA-ICN-PVG 287 23:30 4:45 June 25-26 A350
PVG-ICN-SEA 288 9:15 7:15 June 27-28 A350

Passenger service (July 1 – Oct. 24)

Route Flight Departure Arrival Operating Days Fleet*
SEA-ICN-PVG 287 23:30 4:45 Thursdays A350
PVG-ICN-SEA 288 9:15 7:15 Saturdays A350

Schedule starting  August 1

DTW-ICn-PVG 283 departing 19.00 Fridays

PVG-ICN-DTW 2844  departing 8:20 on Sundays

With the high incidence of coronavirus in Washington State and new out breaks in China we’re wondering if this is a good idea. Comments readers?


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