Dramatic coastlines, castles and luminous loughs

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva, photos courtesy of Trafalgar Tours

If you’ve never visited Ireland, these pictures will make you want to. And Trafalgar Tours plus a Pavlus travel specialist can make it happen.

See castles steeped in myth and legend, glass-like lochs (aka lakes or loughs) and amazing landscapes.

Checking out the Blarney Castle

Ireland photos RS10668_Ireland-BlarneyCastle-88306706-lp-Laura-CiapponiYou must kiss the Blarney stone to get the gift of the gab. It perches atop the handsome medieval Blarney Castle in County Cork.

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Torc Waterfall

Ireland photos RS10644_CastlesAndManors-Travel-177318479-lpr-Mustang_79This fairy tale-like waterfall cascades and dances down Torc Mountain, part of Killarney National Park along the Ring of Kerry.  The  area is rich in Irish mythology. Legend goes an enchanted boar was killed here by legendary hero, Finn McCool.

Cliffs of Moher

Ireland photos Cliffs-on-west-coast-of-Ireland-upthebanner-iStock-www.istockphoto.comgbphotothe-cliffs-of-moher-west-coast-of-ireland-gm672704142-123213683The ancient Cliffs of Moher stretch out into the azure-colored North Atlantic. Carved over time and the ocean, the cliffs’  formations make them one of Ireland’s most awesome sights. Breathe the fresh salty air while basking in the dramatic view.

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Kylemore Abbey

Ireland photos RS10683_Ireland-CountyDonegal-KylemoreAbbey-147711626-lpr-©-Przemyslaw-KilanowskiOverlooking the calm waters of Pollacappul Lough, Kylemore Abbey possesses a serene stateliness. The showcase is a beautiful Benedictine monastery replete with gorgeous parlour rooms, Victorian walled gardens, a Gothic church and – of course – nuns!

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River Liffey, Dublin

Ireland photos RS10717_Ireland-Dublin-RiverLiffey-559028175-lpr-©-David-Soanes-PhotographyThe banks of the River Liffey run through the heart of Dublin.  The river’s edge provides  historic photogenic sites.  Be sure to snap a  shot from the iconic Ha’penny Bridge.

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Giant’s Causeway

Ireland photos RS11778_NorthernIreland-GiantsCauseway-2016-479917040-lpr-©-AdamUprichardGiant’s Causeway is the aftermath of volcanic heating and cooling 60 million years ago.

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Ireland photos RS10735_Ireland-Londonderry-538508714-lpr-Henryk-SaduraIts 17th century walls, watch towers, bastions and canons make Londonderry  a  truly beguiling city to visit.

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