By Wes Weiner

Good afternoon all from the Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition. Join me as we sail to our next Arctic Island, Jan Mayen. Our seas our calm, the weather is foggy and overcast. Here are some first photos.

I am enjoying the ongoing  Expedition ship learning process.  Instead of slow and smooth it is almost like a fire hose of knowledge gushing my way.

The cruise rhythm on board this Silversea Expedition ship is uniquely different but not unlike being on a Silversea Classic fleet ship.

The ship  provides a luxury expedition experience versus the “rustic” expedition experience that the other two Silver Expedition ships (Discoverer, Explorer) provide,” said Hotel Director Petros.

There is “Deck Time” both in the morning and afternoon where you join members of the Expedition Team aft of the Panorama Lounge or on Deck 9 (top deck) in Observation Lounge to look for wildlife.

Lectures set the pace

Today, we heard three Expedition lectures  to help inform and prepare us for our voyage. Dr. Michaela Meyer, expertly presented Whales of the Artic mid morning. This afternoon we have Volcanology—Land of Fire and Ice to be presented by Stefan Danilo, Then in late afternoon we have have a an Icelandic bird lecture delivered by Nigel Miiious.

At breakfast this morning first Ismael (head sommelier came by to ask if I wanted Champagne with breakfast, I kindly declined, But we did discuss vintage selection possibilities for dinner tonight in The Restaurant).  Ish is pictured below, It was taken at lunch today as we tasted the wine selection for dinner tonight.

Meanwhile back at breakfast, as I was about to dig into my heading bowl of Muesli, a smiling Gaby (Guest Relations Manager that I met on board the Muse in March) came by. We briefly chatted/caught up. She let me know to take my Expedition boots (BOG) down to the Expedition Staff on Deck six for them to Tag.  Gaby hails from Croatia and is a delight for both the crew and passengers.

Robert from the expedition staff then tagged my boots and let me know to take them to the changing station/room on Deck 3 to find the 718 shelf space. I immediately left for deck three and found a very organized changing room (pls see photo). The Cloud Expedition changing room reminded me a little of the many Ski Rooms, Ida and I have used prior to heading out to ski. A few of The Cloud changing room photos are below.

Soon it was time for the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operations (AECO )mandatory briefing for any guests visiting  the Arctic.

Our Expedition Leader (EL) Schalk Botha enthusiastically let us know the do’s and mostly don’t s of making our Arctic Zodiac Landings.

No nos include not littering and picking or stepping on flowers. Do’s are to use the Sailors grip to embark and disembark the Zodiac.

Arriving at Jan Mayen Island

Schalk, our EL then gave us the 411 on our arrival at Jan Mayen island tomorrow. It would be our first Zodiac landing at 7 p.m. with a 11  p.m. return. And it will be a  wet one as we step in the Arctic waters wading to shore). In today’s noon captain’s announcement, he told us the weather looks real good for tomorrow’s visit to the island

The Cloud’s Senior Bear Guard Truls, gave us the Bear Guard’s cardinal rule, listen to the instructions of your bear guide.  They have never fired a shot at a Polar bear, emphasizing listening to the Cardinal rule will keep this record.

Finally, like the Classic fleet we have daily relished Silversea signature  afternoon  events (Tea Time and Team Trivia).

Fitness at sea

The Fitness instructor (Celine) leads at least three free classes  Yoga, stretch, Fab Abs and a health clinic for detoxing, weight loss and good feet.  Celine also provides Body Sculpt Boot Camp for a fee. Coordinated with Hotel Director Petros yesterday to use the fitness facility at 5 a,m, vs 6 a.m. opening time.

I enjoyed a two hour anaerobic (strength training) and aerobic workout with the Cloud Expeditions ample dumbbells, benches, and Techno Gym universal, elliptical and treadmills. No other guests came to use the facility at this time (most likely because we moved the clocks forward one hour last nite (and again tonight). Please enjoy a few fitness facility photos last below.

Entertainment is by Pianist Alfredo (6:30  until 8:30 p.m.) and 9:30 until midnight in Dolce. Vita on Deck 5. We have a duo, Darlene and Lawrence playing for our listening and dancing pleasure twice per evening too in the Panorama Lounge.

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