By Wes Weiner

Jan Mayen Island— Meterological Station Commander briefed all Silversea Cloud Expedition cruisers this morning before our five hour stop at this Volcanic rock–a black and grey sand island marked with hilly terrain. Except for the near 15,000 foxes, there are no animals found on this island. Its  last volcanic eruption was in 1985.

Last week the less than 30 inhabitants of Jan Mayen enjoyed their annual vegetable delivery.

Pictured below is the mission of the meteorological station and the team that station commander, Senior Grade John Andersons Bestum is to enforce environmental law and protect cultural heritage sites.

Station Commander John let us know we are very lucky being only the second cruise ship this year to be able to visit the island via Zodiac landings.

During our landing, was able to nearly walk/hike to the airfield about 7 Km and 15,000 paces according to my Polar Vantage smart watch (darn these newfangled devices are addictive).

Please enjoy some photos that hopefully reflect our good fortune to visit Jan Mayen island during one of the very few sunny (ok the sun shined for less than an hour but was soooooo welcome) days.


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