Good Morning from the Artic Ocean as we cruise to the Svalbard region of Norway. We will land in Burgerbutka and
Gnalodden areas of Svalbard starting early tomorrow morning. We begin our Zodiac landings in this icy region at 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Burgerbutka. In the afternoon we move to Gnalodden.

Today, the Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition Team has four lectures (Arctic living—Flora, The Deception of. Perception – Camouflage in Nature, The Birds of Svalbard, and Frozen in Time—The Geology of Svalbard). There is deck time with the Expedition team in the morning and afternoon while we  looking for wildlife from the aft and bow of the Silver Cloud.

Tonight is the Silversea Venetian Society party recognizing frequent floaters that have been on Silversea. Silversea named their society after the good citizens of Venice reflecting this cruise lines Italian heritage. Silversea ships were born in Silversea where there superstructures were built.

Plan on doing two behind the scenes crew member profiles; the Silver Cloud’s electrician, and the Expedition Team’s scheduler.

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