By Wes Weiner

It’s time for a behind the scenes Silversea Silver Cloud crew member profile

Let’s meet the Silver Cloud Expedition’s Desk Top Publisher (DTP) Fely.

Born in Manila, in the Philippines,  Fely has four wonderful children; ranging in age from 24./Kai, Marc/23, Brian/21, and her youngest at 17, Angelo. Her sister takes wonderful care of Angelo while Fely is on board a Silversea ship.

She began her Silversea career almost 14 years ago starting as a Silversea night auditor and went on to be a receptionist before becoming a Desk Top Publisher

Her primary duties as the Silver Cloud Expedition DTP are publishing all menus (guest and crew, publishing the daily Chronicles, special flyers (e.g. wine tasting, or destination cruises the Cruise Consultant wants to highlight).

Fely  has worked on all Silversea ships, except the Muse. She says her favorite is Silver Cloud, which was her first job as night auditor.

She says that being Expedition Team scheduler  is her most challenging position.  It’s not always easy. The Expedition Team’s provides her dynamic (changing landing information due to weather conditions) vs predictable information she gets when she works as the DTP on a Silversea Classic ship. Dr. Elizabeth, of the Expedition Team could only give Fely rave kudos for her work in support of the Expedition team scheduling demands.

Fely has worked on all Silversea ships, except the Silver Muse. Her favorite ship is the Silver Cloud, which was the first ship she worked on as a night auditor.

Fely tells me one of her most rewarding aspects of serving on the Silvers Cloud Expedition ship is learning about new adventure ports that she has previously not visited. When asked what she likes most about her Silversea career is working with her fellow crew. “From top to bottom, everyone is so accommodating and supportive to new and veteran crew members.” Silversea is one Big Family, says Fely, pictured above at her workstation.

Our evening on board the Silver Cloud Expedition began with the Venetian party—where the Silver Cloud’s leadership (Captain Adam and Cruise Consultant Joey) recognized the top five frequent floaters on board this Reykjavík to Tromso voyage. The top five Venetian society members had 219, 319, 395, 575, and 1089 days on board Silversea. Very surprised to hear my name mentioned (lowest days sailed) in this group for the first time on board.

Please enjoy a few photos of the receiving line manned by Cruise Consultant Joey, Hotel Director Petros, Social Director Riette, Assistant Expedition Leader Brad and Captain Adam. Also, have included a photo of the toasts made by he cruise consultant thanking all the Venetian society members. As Social Director Riette, said best, “Without Silversea guests (you) we would not have a job.”

After the Venetian Society Party, we immediately left for the Venetian Dinner in the Silver Cloud Expedtion’s main restaurant. The photo below shows another couple and I at Gaby (Human Resources Manager) hosted table. I first met Gaby just a few months ago when she was then a receptionist on the Silver Muse. Kudos to Gaby for a well deserved promotion—she is whirlwind of energy who gets things done now.

Tomorrow is our first visit to “Cold Coasts,” The Svalbard islands. We will anchor off Burgerbukta at 7am until 11am. Weather is forecasted with a low of 4 C, High of 6C, partly cloudy to Sunny. Sounds near perfect for our Zodiac cruises and Kayaking. We depart BurgerBukta at 11pm and cruise to Gnalodden where we will anchor from 1330 until 1745.


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