By Wes Weiner

Thanks tons to Dear Wife Ida for awarding me yet another kitchen pass to travel to the Arctic (Iceland & Norway) , to hopefully view the elusive “Polar Bear–The King of the Arctic.”

Board the Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition ship on Tuesday in Reykjavik, Iceland and will head out on a 14 day voyage ending in Tromso, Norway. First image below shows the terrific Arctic itinerary I will enjoy.

Will reach Reykjavik tomorrow morning and spend a night at the Hilton Nordica. Plan to RaceWalk abut 5-7 miles around the city of Reykjavik and will share snaps of Iceland’s nerve center and home to half of Iceland’s population. Credit Silversea home page Rekjavik to Tromso for liberally borrowing its beautiful Arctic words to help me describe this terrific Arctic adventure.

Our first few Iceland ports are; Latrabjarg Cliffs (home of Iceland’s largest bird cliff), Dynjandi Waterfalls (“the thundering one,” one of Iceland’s most impressive and majestic waterfalls), Vigur Island (a green oasis only 1.6km in length, 412meters wide, and home to a very large number birds; Atlantic Puffins, Artic Terms, and Black Guillemots. Later this port day we will cruise along the Hornbjarg Cliffs found in the northernmost part of Iceland’s Westfjords and home of one of Iceland’s most spectacular bird cliffs.

We then reach Iceland’s Capital of the North, Akureyri with its pulse pounding, visually stunning waterfalls, soaring volcanoes and gorgeous wildlife.

Jan Mayen

Next we will have a day at sea before visiting Jan Mayen Island where we hope to see frolicking humpback and minke whales with the towering ebony peaks and black lava beaches as a backdrop.

We then enjoy another day at sea before heading to Northern Svalbard Region for three days of Zodiac landings. This region has several walrus haul-outs so hope to view many, many walrus’s. Northern Svalbard is renown as the “Arctic Desert,” where we will enjoy hikes/walks ashore. And of course we will be on the look out for the King of the Arctic (Polar Bear(s)).

We then will explore the Southern Svalbard Region where we will visit glaciers either by sea or by foot—hoping to see fascinating views of geological formations, craggy mountains, spectacular glaciers and many seabirds and seals.

Our last port to explore is Bear Island (in Svalbard). This island sits about halfway between Tromso and Svalbard. Bear Island has many impressive steep cliffs where we hope to view many seabird varieties (e.g. Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Northern Gannets, and more).

I look  forward to sharing impressions and photos of the Arctic with y’all.

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