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By  Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

cruise shoes

It was at a Hollywood swag suite (aka: gifting lounge) a decade or so ago, where I first put my feet into a pair of MBT shoes.  It was love at first step. (For those of you unfamiliar,  swag suites honor celebrities, and ply them with products,  prior to award shows such as the Oscars, Emmys, etc).

It is  the hope of the companies that actors will wear, use and promote their products. The press also attends these fests and receives a share of the booty, too. Thus my free MBTs.

New MBT models

Anyhow fast-forward to 2020.  My original MBTS were fraying so I went on line to order more.  I was only going to buy two but wound up for four!

I made my purchases in anticipation of cruising soon. Because I realize I can save space by using the one pair of shoes for dress occasions and for leisure.

One pair is a stunning silver sandal called Kaweira. The other is a light weight sport shoe (perfect for packing in your suit case) called Pink Colorado.  these shoes are made for walking



Travel shoesThe cool thing about the sandals is that they are dressy-looking but also double for  walking around the deck, going to gym and touring ashore without returning with aching feet.

What’s more they feature Serdia treatment on the  lining that absorbs and neutralizes odors.

They are not cheap.  But because the company was offering a big promotional discount half price mine cost $149 for both pairs.  And it took less than a week to get them.  What’s more, I love them and can’t wait to wear them on future trips. .

My two additional purchases were Tunisha Black Napa (a sort of Mary Jane-style) that blew me away when I put them on. The other is a cool-looking running shoe Speed 2  in Ballad blue.

The shoe is so lightweight you feel like you are running on air. The photo shows them after first use.

cruise shoes


My point here is to share this with fellow travelers and fitness enthusiasts. MBTs are so comfortable for racing to a plane, walking around a ship, jogging and hiking. They even have dressy styles like silver sandals I bought.

The MBT story

MBT, which stands for Masai Barefoot Technology, was founded in 1996. The shoes were inspired by Kenya’s Masai tribe, a group that has lived for thousands of years with virtually no joint or back pain.

Focusing on developing  physiological footwear with a purpose, MBT claims a 24-year track record of helping people stand, walk, run, work, and play more efficiently and effectively.

The shoes, which are accredited by the American Podiatric Medical Association, encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Possible benefits include less foot fatigue, better posture, relief from join pain and muscle toning.

A definite difference

What makes MBT different is the proprietary heel-strike sensor technology interwoven into each sole that caters to heel-strike by absorbing impacts and offers cushioning. You really feel like you’re walking on air.

These shoes are made for walking

The company claims that more than 70 independent studies conducted worldwide identify the benefits of MBT’s curved-sole footwear, which include improved posture and balance, increased muscle activation, reduced lower back pain, and enhanced recovery.

“We have changed lives through movement and want to change even more,” Andy Chaw, CEO of MBT says. “Our shoes are for people  looking to get the most out of every step they take.”

Today at MBT

The company, which sells shoes for men, women and children now operates in St. Louis and Singapore. Its country of origin is Switzerland.

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