Broaden your mind, not your butt

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

It’s not easy walking past offerings such as this in Crystal Symphony‘s Bistro

Cruises are back! Yay!  Are you on board? How’s your weight? Did you gain or lose during the pandemic? Did you diet down and shape up? And now are you worried if you take a cruise you might fall off the wagon.

No worries. We’re here to help. Just follow a these helpful tips and you can have your cruise and eat, too.

Walk off the calories

First, if you don’t have medical problems, make a point to use the gym, walk, swim, jog and use stairs when possible in lieu of elevators.

Practice calorie control by eating half of what’s on your plate and tasting desserts but not finishing them. You can do it. By sampling little bites you satisfy your sweet tooth with increasing your girth. Cruises present the biggest obstacle for weight control because of buffet breakfasts and lunches and due to the fact that, well, the food today on most ships–especially Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Silversea and Crystal— is far better than ever.

Try to avoid sugary drinks. Lay off  the soda, pina coladas and mojitos. Substitute wine or sparkling water. If you must consume those millennial-specific alcoholic concoctions limit it to one. You can do it.

Follow the age-long adage, have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. But do eat three times a day to keep your metabolism active. Don’t skip meals. That will you just make you hungrier and prone to overeating.

These bread sticks at Crystal Serenity’s Tastes are sinfully delicious but ask the waiter to remove them

When in port, if possible, walk around in stead of taking taxis. Or rent a bike if you can and pedal around town. You see sights much better on foot than by vehicle.

If you’re on a cruise and have little will power skip the lunch and breakfast buffets (which are now being served so that will help portion control). But you’ll have more will power at the restaurant or when ordering  room service where you can control your intake easier.  If you’re serious about keeping the pounds off order light fare such as fresh fish without sauce, salads dressed lightly and fruit for dessert.

Also when on a ship try to always take the stairs, health permitting. Believe me climbing will keep that butt firm and those thighs from flabbing up.

Avoid between-meal munching

Watch out for those bread sticks (see photo on your left) and  between-meal snacks. As you stroll around ports or villages you will encounter gelato shops, bakeries and delis that will tempt your willpower. Save the room and calories for regular meals. Sure once in awhile those aromas or the mental image of a hot fudge sundae may be overpowering. You can succumb once, maybe twice. But better not too if you really want to keep the weight from accumulating.

Waist management cruise control

If you’re on a luxury ship where they bring canapes and snacks to your room in the afternoon ask them not to, or request low calorie fare such as crudities or unsalted nuts. We also ask our butler or stewardess not to bring us snacks.

Try to eat about the same amount of food you usually do. If your weight stays constant when you’re not traveling then eat just like you’re home.

Don’t be too strict on yourself every day. Depending on the length of your trip eat lightly for two days, splurge a little on the third days and repeat the pattern. This way you won’t feel deprived and get hard to control cravings.

Trust us it works

Believe me if you can follow these guidelines your hips and thighs will thank you. Women will fit into their skinny jeans and  itsy bitsy bikinis. And guys will be able to button their shirts and close their belts at the end of their cruise or trip. I’ve known folks who have trouble buttoning their pants after a cruise. Don’t let that happen to you.

If you haven’t booked that cruise yet, better call Pavlus agents at 800-528-9300. Lots of folks are anxious to head out to sea and ships are selling out fast.

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