What travelers often forget to bring on a trip

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva
Oops, did you forget something?  Perhaps the last time you traveled–lo those many months ago– you forgot a few important items.  Well even seasoned travelers find themselves in this predicament. Sometimes something as simple  as underwear gets forgotten. A fellow globe trotting female  once confided that while she packed a gorgeous wardrobe for a cruise she forgot her bra and panties. No problem under garments are sold in ship shops  and of course at boutiques ashore.

 Make a list and check it twice

The best way to remember what to pack  is to make a check list of the following items:

  1. Medications (always go in your carry on).
  2. Passport/Visas (also place in carry on bag).
  3.  Phone charger (one of the most forgotten items).
  4. Cell phone  (one of the least left behind because everybody wants to stay
    plugged in). But many a mobile device does get lost at security or in airplane seats so double check before and after boarding a flight. Also remember your other mobile devices such as laptops, iPads etc.
  5. Toiletries such as toothpaste and brush, sunscreen, makeup, haircare items
    from shampoos and conditioners to combs and brushes as you might not like
    what they provide in your stateroom, moisturizers, body creams, toners , razor,
    shaving cream and the like.
  6. Bug repellents, if you are going to the tropics.
  7. Makeup.
  8. First aid kit with bandages etc.
  9. Sunscreen.Packing essntials
  10. Your favorite cologne or perfume.

While you could probably pick up some of those things during your trip who wants to spend valuable vacation time doing that. What’s more you can’t always find your favorite brands if traveling out of  the country. Also products such as sunscreen and makeup are often more expensive especially in places like French Polynesia.


Be sure to pack any TSA taboos in  your checked luggage. Or bring only 3.5 ounce bottles in your carry-on. Always keep your meds with you,  never check them. Same goes for passports, visas and valuables. If you’re going on a cruise be sure to check out the line’s dress code. You may need formal wear (or not). If you’re heading on a tropical trip remember a bathing suit and sandals.

Oops, I almost forgot. You might still want to bring anti-bacterial sprays and a mask.

Now sit back and go to the Pavlus website to find the cruise or tour that’s right for you. Then call 800-528-9300 to book it with our friendly, helpful agents.

Bon voyage and safe travels.



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