Unique unisex accessory keeps important stuff handy when traveling

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Travel accessories

Now that we’re on the road, airways and cruise ships again, it’s time to update our travel tools and accessories. Today we need to bring a few more items than usual on trips. In addition to toiletries and makeup for women,  there’s documents, emergency supplies etc. And they all fit nicely into the smart-looking, all-purpose Tego.


It’s fully customizable, waterproof and ready to roll-and-go. You can hang it up,  or lie it flat for easy access to belongings.

Unique travel kit

How often have liquids leaked in your carry on. Or there just wasn’t enough room to hold or your favorite accessories.  For me the answer is a lot of time.

What makes the Tego unique ? It’s customizable with seven sections that can create 100 different combinations for short and long trips. There are separate compartments. And you an hang it or keep it flat so you can see everything easily.


Tego backstory

There’s an interesting history to Tego.  It was created by Parker Thomas who says  he built an airplane from a kit. Then he took a year off flying around the U.S. The lack of space to accommodate ‘stuff’ led him to design a ‘tool roll’ that led to the Tego.

Kickstart travel with this unique accessory

Unique travel kitsTego sales start on Kickstarter later in July with an early bird price  of $69. This increases to $89 and MSRP of $99 with deliveries in January. Go to www.gettego.com to learn more.


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