Traveling with moms, dads , grandparents and the kids is all the rage

From an original Tralfalgar post edited by Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva (photos from Trafalgar website)

The Trafalgar Tours website is filled with so many informative articles.  One I recently read was about multi generational travel, or travelling with family members of all ages.

According to the popular tour operator this is an increasing popular trend.  They also point out that more tours are geared to family members who enjoy spending time together rather than separating young and old into groups.

Trafalgar also warns that “Multigenerational travel isn’t for everyone, but if you go about it the right way, it may just become a family favorite.

Here are 5 ways to make this emerging travel trend work for you:

Make joint decisions

The best multi-generational vacations start with proper preparation and planning. Set aside time with the family to freely  discuss what each of you wants out of the trip.

Once you’ve settled on a destination or region, task each family member to do research about activities or sites they each want to experience. After comparing notes you create the perfect trip.

two children holding ice creams

Include a variety of activities

Depending on the age of your children, there will be a limit to their patience when it comes to things like exploring historical sites or museums. Equally, grandparents and parents will be looking for a chance to de-stress and take it easy on their vacation.

Each day, or on alternate days, make sure everybody has an activity of their choice. Or  look for unique activities the whole family can enjoy together, such as a cooking class or hands on cultural experience.

father and son making pizza

Remember you don’t have to spend every day together

Just because you are travelling as a family unit doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking second together. Grandparents will likely jump at the opportunity to take care of the grandchildren for a day. But the kids  might want to  head off with just one parent.  Try to regroup at dinner time for the chance to swap stories and retell tales.

father and daughter playing together in rome

Expect disagreements 

Look, vacations are incredible, but no matter much you plan or try to avoid them, a disagreement will likely occur.  It happens to all of us. And there’s w wrong with that.

But they can be diffused . Giving people space to cool off is always a good first step. So is talking through the issue in a calm and rational way. Most of the time family arguments happen when spending too much time together (ironic, huh?!), or individuals feeling as if their opinions are not being heard. So, make time to check in with each other throughout the trip, and don’t forget a simple sorry always goes along way. Even if it does mean swallowing your pride…

older couple standing with arms around each other by lake in Norway

Memory reflection

One of the best parts of a multigenerational travel experience is the memories it creates. Shared experiences result in shared memories, and it’s these you can reflect on and remember for years to come. Once you’ve returned home, make time to come together as a family to look through photos, retell stories and bring back those magical moments. Whatever may be happening in your busy life, its moments like this that help you realize why all the stress is worth it.

family of four sitting on steps in rome

If you’re interested in planning a Trafalgar tour with the entire clan, Mom and dad, gramps and grandma and the kids, contact a Pavlus Specialista who can get you on the  right track for the right price.

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